Hammer soaring utility bills back down


However, it is not all doom and gloom, as the new council backed scheme ‘Insulate Hampshire’ have some bill busting free and low cost tips to keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Project Manager Sarah Thomas advises“The most cost effective energy saving measure householders can make is to insulate, insulate, insulate! And with free insulation measures to some people in certain circumstances, and from £75 for cavity wall insulation for everyone else, if you install it now most householders will have recouped the cost before the coming winter is even over!”

Ensuring your loft is topped up to its maximum –now 11.5” will also help keep the heat in and you can top it up yourself with DIY rolls of loft insulation for £49 up to a maximum 100m2. Savings of up to £150 can be gained by installing loft insulation were none currently exists, and with prices from £99 for professionally installed loft insulation now is a great time to do it before the cold winter sets in.

Once your home is fully insulated you may be able to reduce your room thermostat whilst still enjoying a warm and comfortable home, and by turning it down by only 1oC you can shave around 10% off your annual fuel bill!

And now that we’re a nation of gadget lovers, leaving electrical appliances on standby can waste over £30 a year so make sure to turn appliances off and always unplug phone chargers.

Insulate Hampshire can refer you to certified installers to install low cost insulation measures and to community services such as advice on benefits you may be entitled to receive. They can even help advise how you can generate your own energy through solar PV (electricity) panels, so the energy providers will have to pay you!

For more information about Insulate Hampshire or to sign up call 0800 952 0037 or complete the online form before September 2012.

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